TDF Builder - Build and Maintain Custom Target Date Funds

Why Custom Target Funds ?

Custom Target Date funds allow plan sponsors to consider the needs and characteristics of the covered workforce and allow them to choose multiple managers and replace them as necessary.

Align glide path with participant needs

Fully customized glide paths reflect plan needs, demographics and presence of employee investment benefits

Better Managers

Because the custom TDF is drawn primarily from the existing plan core menu, the plan sponsor is able to select each fund individually, and therefore each is more likely to be, and ultimately to remain, “best in class.”

Better Fees

Plan sponsors gain greater negotiating leverage by placing more assets with fewer managers

Department of Labor Recommendation

As stated in DOL Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries Employer should "Inquire about whether a custom or non-proprietary target date fund would be a better fit for your plan."

How It Works ?

Setup Target Date Fund

Custom target date strategies are relatively straightforward to set up from an administrative perspective.

Select Glide Path

Choose your managers

Assign manager allocations

Create Investment Policy Statement

Manage & Monitor Target Date Fund

Select the target date

Verify current assets for each manager

Accept or override new allocations

Submit trade to recordkeeper

TDF Builder

Your clients deserve Custom Target Date Funds. Retirement savers deserve better than off-the-shelf proprietary Target Date Funds.
You deserve a better connection with your clients and more to talk about with them than opaque investments cloaked in a proprietary wrapper. From turn-key to glide path guidance, TDF Builder simplifies the complex. TDF Builder is backed by one of two patent holders and is brought to you by the original creators of manager “style boxes”.

Automated and

The Saas platform give user access anytime and anywhere. Instant access to new functions and features

TDFB includes the Safe Landing Glide Path®

The patented Safe Landing Glide Path (SLGP) for target date funds was financially engineered to land investors safely in TIPs and Treasuries at the target date.

Affordable & Flexible. You control

Guild Path allocation and portfolio construction can be control by user.

Statement of Investment Policy

Easily create and document guidelines and constraints concerning investment policy

Annual Pricing

$995 Standard
  • 5 Accounts
  • 1 Glide Path
  • Trade File Integration
  • 1 User
$1500 Professional
  • unlimited Accounts
  • 3 Glide Path
  • Trade File Integration
  • 5 User
* Most popular!
$5000 Enterprise
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Glide Path
  • Trade File Integration
  • 10 User

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